Bible Convo (Pastors in Cars Getting Coffee Pt.4 – Commitments and Resources) – 8/31/22

In this conversation Gavin and Erik chuckle their way through one final commuter convo. They chat a little bit more about the same nerdy theological paper referenced in last week’s episode (available here) and discuss reading the Bible with commitments to grace, transformation, and mission. They also meander into some reflections on their own present day journey as Bible readers and offer thoughts on helpful resources for your own reading experiences!

Listen in to the conversation and share your own reflections that bubble up during the podcast!

Next week we are back with our traditional format and we’ll dive in on the book of 1 Samuel, discussing chapters 1-8! Get your snack choices ready!

One thought on “Bible Convo (Pastors in Cars Getting Coffee Pt.4 – Commitments and Resources) – 8/31/22

  1. Jen here: It amazes me how Todd makes such transforming observations :). God works very creatively through His disciples.
    I have found my connection to Scripture has grown considerably in the past 20 years. I am “wrestling” more with the text, under the guidance of my pastors, our Small Group, and others who encourage me to see the Word from different angles and perspectives. I am still naive in my outlook, BUT my horizons are expanding all of the time. I am amazed by the ways that Scripture still comes alive.
    I also love the Bible Project overviews, and I agree that Gavin should compile his summaries 🙂


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