Bible Convo (Ecclesiastes 1-3) – 3/2/22

In this conversation Gavin, Erik, and Cody begin a lenten conversation on the philosophical wisdom book of Ecclesiastes, chatting through Ecclesiastes 1-3. Read those chapters, listen to the audio of the conversation, and then chip in on the comments section below with your own thoughts on the Scripture and responses to these three questions:

  1. What word, phrase, or theme most resonated with you personally as you read this section of Scripture?
  2. What does this portion of Scripture invite us to as a community of disciples?
  3. If you’re sitting down with these chapters, what drink or snack would pair best with the reading?

Next week – Ecclesiastes 4-6!

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One thought on “Bible Convo (Ecclesiastes 1-3) – 3/2/22

  1. Ok, I HAVE to comment about the Quaker Oats, being as that was my career! Oat contains a water-soluble fiber called betaglucan. Research has shown that this fiber can act to clear the cholesterol from your blood vessels, which aids in preventing heart disease. Betaglucan fiber also acts to absorb water and fill up your stomach after you eat oatmeal, so you feel fuller for a longer period of time (called satiety) which can help to maintain a desirable level of glucose in your system, instead of your glucose levels going all over the charts (your glycemic index). So oatmeal works to help with diabetes… long as you don’t cover it with 6 tablespoons of brown sugar :). As an oat breeder, I was trying to get higher levels of betaglucan into my oat cultivars, to make them more healthy.
    We agree that it is good to review what has been good in your life and give the glory to God. It is also good to notice what has been meaningless in your life, and to ask God to help you replace those activities (or whatever) with things that are meaningful….meaningful to His Kingdome.


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