Bible Convo (Zechariah 1-8) – 11/04/20

In this conversation, Pastors Erik, Cody, and Gavin discuss the post-exilic prophet of Zechariah, chapters 1-8. Read those chapters, listen to the audio of the conversation, and chip in on the comments section below with your own thoughts on the Scripture and to these three questions:

  1. What word, phrase, or theme most resonated with you personally as you read this section of Scripture?
  2. What does this portion of Scripture invite us to as a community of disciples?
  3. If you’re sitting down with these chapters, what drink or snack would pair best with the reading?

For our next Bible Convo we will discuss the second half of Zechariah (chapters 8-14).

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One thought on “Bible Convo (Zechariah 1-8) – 11/04/20

  1. Great discussion as usual…just a quick note to Cody, when our small group read Revelation we just read the book, enjoyed the imagery, cheered for the good guys, booed the bad guys, did not worry about applying a time or place to the readings. I really enjoyed that, I am not sure the group appreciated it as much as I did, but it was my experience to get caught up in the worship scenes and the war scenes was actually a freedom to enjoy it as spectator and know who was going to win in the end….


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