Bible Convo (Exodus 13-18) – 4/19/23

Hello friends! In this conversation Erik and Gavin discuss Exodus 13-18. Read those sections of Scripture, listen in to the audio of the chat, and then chip in on the comments section below with your own thoughts on the Scripture and any responses to these three questions:

  • What word, phrase, or theme most resonated with you personally as you read this section of Scripture?
  • What does this portion of Scripture invite us to as a community of disciples?
  • If you’re sitting down with these chapters, what drink or snack would pair best with the reading?

Next week, Exodus 19-40!

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One thought on “Bible Convo (Exodus 13-18) – 4/19/23

  1. Just catching up on the pod while I’m home with the flu. Your discussion of tangible reminders of meaningful experiences in our lives reminded me of when I was on council at FCC and we did a council retreat where we visited significant sites in the history of our church around Winnipeg. I found it to be unexpectedly meaningful to learn about the faithfulness of individuals in the church that have come before us and how we are reaping the blessings of their actions. I feel that in my own family as well as I look back at the legacy of godliness and faithfulness that I have grown up in and benefitted from. The more I read the Old Testament I also feel like our connections go back to these times. It is so powerful to remember how God has repeatedly come through for his people and that He has a plan that is there even when we can’t see it. This doesn’t refer to tangible items but memories and stories. So many times in the Bible God’s people are called to remember and pass these memories down. We would do well to continue to follow this instruction ourselves as individuals and as the church as I think it helps us to trust and be faithful.
    Thank you for your faithfulness to the pod as I know it helps me to return and remember these stories.


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