Bible Convo (Holy Week Special: Luke 22-24 and Lamentations) – 4/5/23

Hello friends! In this conversation Erik, Gavin, and Cody circle the wagons back to the closing chapters of Luke to have a Holy Week conversation about Jesus last supper, garden prayer, arrest, trial, suffering, death, and resurrection! Also, we take a detour through the Old Testament poetry of Lamentations to see how it illuminates Jesus’ experience on the cross. Read those texts, listen in to the audio of the chat, and then chip in on the comments section below with your own thoughts!

Next week, we begin a new series of conversations on the book of Exodus, and chat through chapter 1-12!

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One thought on “Bible Convo (Holy Week Special: Luke 22-24 and Lamentations) – 4/5/23

  1. Good Podcast Gents! I appreciated the connections you made between the Gospels and Lamentations. I had not considered that before. It just reaffirms the comments that all of Scripture points toward Jesus and God’s Salvation for the planet (and beyond?). It was good to have that pointed out. Thank you all for doing that.
    Black Jelly Beans are the BEST!


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