Bible Convo (Storytime with David Pt.2) – 11/9/22

In this conversation Gavin, Erik, Cody and Gus carry on their chitchat, using the narrative of David’s life to prompt some simple storytelling. Included are some of your stories – our listeners and friends! So check out the conversation, and then please do consider sharing some of your own stories in the comment section here or with others in your life!

Share your own stories with others; ask them about their stories!

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One thought on “Bible Convo (Storytime with David Pt.2) – 11/9/22

  1. Jen here: I appreciated hearing the stories from Gus, and from the others and the 3 “regulars”. I think it is good to hear of specific times when we can share how God is working in our lives, stretching our faith, teaching and discipling us. We make ourselves human when we share the troubles, difficulties and hardships. Because none of us are perfect! We need to share our struggles and our joys with our friends and fellow believers (in spite of the possibility for losing our “friends” šŸ™‚ …… Goodbye Friends!).
    I find I am constantly questioning what God is asking from me, or for me, and it helps to hear from those around me what they believe is God’s Will.


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