Bible Convo (Pastors in Cars Getting Coffee Pt.1 – History with the Bible) – 8/10/22

In this conversation Gavin and Erik are on the road! The first of a few mobile episodes of the podcast as we have some folksy commuter conversation about what the Bible is, what the Bible does, and how we read it. In this episode, we discuss our own history and experience with the Bible.

The audio quality isn’t quite up to studio quality standards, but we hope you enjoy the conversation nonetheless! Consider sharing your own thoughts and memories of reading the Bible the comment section of the post.

2 thoughts on “Bible Convo (Pastors in Cars Getting Coffee Pt.1 – History with the Bible) – 8/10/22

  1. Audio was clear enough! I like the white noise of the vehicle in the background of your conversation is soothing;, the real-life interactions (McD’s drive through) is like something from a documentary; and the warm, somewhat hollow sound of conversation in a vehicle almost made it feel like I was in the vehicle with you.

    My earliest memory of engagement with the Bible, which I imagine is a common one: my dad reading after supper from the dark green Living Bible with the padded cover.

    And then the illustrations of the NIV children’s Bible. Favourite illustration: Samson pushing over the pillars when he kills all those Philistines (and himself with them, as I recall). A dark tale, but I wasn’t aware of that at the time.


  2. My recollections are similar to those of Erik….old, well-used King James Bible that was my father’s. Sunday School stories taught by my Mom, loving the flannelgraphs, and especially the Christmas narrative. Having my Dad read the Bible verses and the Daily Bread every morning to me, while I ate the porridge he had prepared.
    Memorizing scripture verses to win a Kodak camera in about Grade 1.
    Then, asking all the teenaged “angsty” questions of our Youth Pastor or Junior High and Senior High Sunday School Teachers, and receiving a response.
    Then forgetting about the Bible for awhile, but rediscovering its ability to speak into every situation, having my eyes opened to the knowledge that the “traditional” stories did not tell it all. Realizing that I can learn something new every time I read, hear, study an old familiar passage or a new passage. Knowing that I can ask questions about the Bible, and not be struck dead from Heaven, or thought to be just silly by my fellow believers.
    It is a living document that applies to my life.


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