Bible Convo (Holy Week with John) – 4/13/22

In this conversation Gavin, Erik, and Cody come back to the Gospel of John to have some chit chat about Jesus’ last few days in Jerusalem, his death, and his GLORIOUS resurrection as it’s told specifically by the master storyteller of that particular book. Play along with some trivia, listen in on the convo, and maybe make use of the prayers that Gavin, Erik, and Cody wrote for this Holy Week. We’d love to hear your prayers as well!

Erik’s Prayer:
Help us to be abiders!
Thank you for promising to abide in us – what gift!
Thank you for staying in control (even when so much seems out of control).
Thank you for not losing a single disciple the Father has give you!
“It is finished.”
Thank you for laying your life down for friends, that we might have Life abundant!
May your peace indeed be with us – all of us.

Gavin’s Prayer
Lord Jesus, we have too often let our hearts be troubled; we allow and give consent to the problems outside of us creating an interior turmoil. And we desperately grasp for something to address the pain and fix the problems – something that can make us well, or at least make us forget. But what are we really looking for? Who are we really looking for? It’s You! We’ve looked and longed for You! The one who speaks peace to us, calls us out of our interior turmoil, our self-pity, and the paralysis of our own fear, and sends us with resurrection power into the world. May your deep peace be with us as we go with the good news that you are alive! Amen.

Cody’s Prayer:
Oh, Spirit of Truth!
Dominate our lives,
Suffocate the lies we are shore to.
We are an amped up people, Lord.
Zealous? Yes.
Truthful? Maybe… Sometimes…
We feel the need to don our weapon
To attack those threatening us
But you look our direction and say,
“Put your sword away…try this on for size instead,
Friend, peace be with you.”
Let truth and peace guide us in these troubled days.

Next week: we jump into some old Testament prophets with Hosea 1-3

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2 thoughts on “Bible Convo (Holy Week with John) – 4/13/22

  1. Hey Gavin: i do remember a duo of black men that did hip-hop music (not my favorite) that were named Criss-Cross back in the 90’s. I was more of a 70s-80s rock music fan. Anyways, for my prayer my thoughts were on the doubting Thomas section (does that surprise you?) where Jesus says “Blessed are those who have not seen and still believe”. I would pray for those who doubt the existence of God and also those who doubt that Jesus was the son of God, so that they can believe and have transformed lives. Tom Fetch


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