Bible Convo (John 4-6) – 1/19/22

In this conversation Erik, Cody, and Gavin chat on John 4-6. Read those chapters, listen to the audio of the conversation, and then chip in on the comments section below with your own thoughts on the Scripture and responses to these three questions:

  1. What word, phrase, or theme most resonated with you personally as you read this section of Scripture?
  2. What does this portion of Scripture invite us to as a community of disciples?
  3. If you’re sitting down with these chapters, what drink or snack would pair best with the reading?

Next week: John 7-9!

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One thought on “Bible Convo (John 4-6) – 1/19/22

  1. Two comments:
    1. baskets of fish/bread leftovers. I always thought of this as big bushel baskets. Wrong-O. Apparently Jen found that the disciples carried small baskets attached to their belt to carry food. Yup, the 12 baskets of left-overs were for the disciples lunch next day. Amazing that when feeding 5000 that the LORD made just enough to provide 1 lunch for the disciples the next day and no wasted food…..
    2. trust vs. belief. lots of talk about what we believe, ie. do we believe in Jesus? What do you believe? Well, even the demons and Satan believe that Jesus exists. It is not enough to just acknowledge that God/Jesus exists, need to put your trust there…..

    comments on “Do you want to be healed?”- i think that is pertinent today as much as it was 2000 years ago. Lots of people are “just fine” with their lives the way it is. I find a similarity between “healing” and ‘salvation’. There is a commitment in accepting salvation, same as being healed. Some don’t want to do this as life might be pretty easy for them at the moment, or just procrastination.



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