Bible Convo (Christmas Special) – 12/22/21

In this conversation Erik, Cody, and Gavin have talk about Christmas, including: Advent trivia, discussion about the prophetic verses that have impacted us this year, a full tournament for greatest Christmas movie of all time, where we see hope in the Christmas narratives of the Gospels, Cody mopping the floor with Erik in a Christmas Carol showdown, and how to pray in this season. And of course, a drink and snack recommendation!

For the first time in 92 weeks, we take a break next week before returning in the new year to begin a new series of conversations on the Gospel of John!

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One thought on “Bible Convo (Christmas Special) – 12/22/21

  1. I have no beef with Christmas Vacation taking top spot, but conspicuously not in contention was Elf. This film has earned a spot in the canon of Christmas films. (Possibly also the Mr. Bean Christmas episode, but that is debatable.)


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