Bible Convo (Christmas Special) – 12/22/21

In this conversation Erik, Cody, and Gavin have talk about Christmas, including: Advent trivia, discussion about the prophetic verses that have impacted us this year, a full tournament for greatest Christmas movie of all time, where we see hope in the Christmas narratives of the Gospels, Cody mopping the floor with Erik in a Christmas Carol showdown, and how to pray in this season. And of course, a drink and snack recommendation!

For the first time in 92 weeks, we take a break next week before returning in the new year to begin a new series of conversations on the Gospel of John!

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2 thoughts on “Bible Convo (Christmas Special) – 12/22/21

  1. I have no beef with Christmas Vacation taking top spot, but conspicuously not in contention was Elf. This film has earned a spot in the canon of Christmas films. (Possibly also the Mr. Bean Christmas episode, but that is debatable.)


  2. Best movie: Charlie Brown Christmas (Gavin you caved on this one, shame on you!). Not only tells the gospel story, but also has the best cheerful tune ever (Linus and Lucy, look it up). Drink and snack would be Hazelnut-flavored coffee with Jennifer’s Refrigerator cookies (yum yum). Tom


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