Sunday Worship – 2/28/2021

We have reached the midpoint in the Gospel according to Mark. Jesus is headed to Jerusalem. We go with Jesus on this journey. Jesus asks a lot of questions in the gospels. In this last half of Mark, Jesus asks a LOT of questions. We are going to sit in some of these questions as part of our Lenten journey. Maybe God’s Spirit is going to use these questions to flip the switch in our heart and mind producing some Kingdom light for God’s glory and neighbour’s good!

Opening Prayer

We praise you with joy, loving God, for your grace is better than life itself. You have sustained us through the darkness; and you bless us with life in this new day. In the shadow of your wings we sing for joy and bless your holy name. Amen.

Song of Praise – Reckless Love

Cody – FCC

A Conversation on Mark 10:35-52

Gavin – HCCC/
Erik – FCC

Prayer Prompt

Simply respond to Jesus question which he asked in a few different places in Mark 10. Jesus, by his Spirit, now asks you:

What do you want me to do for you?

Talk with Jesus, as you would with a friend.

Song of Response – Our God is Greater

Jerry – HCCC

Take a quiet moment to give God thanks for what you have experienced this day. Trust him with the moments that come next. If able consider partnering with the work of our two churches. Thanks be to God for his kindness and provision! Amen.


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