Bible Convo (New Testament Letters Wrap Up) – 08/12/20

In this conversation Pastors Erik, Cody, and Gavin discuss the last few months of reading and reflecting on the New Testament letters, including handing out awards for Most Outstanding Player, Coach of the Year, and more!

On next week’s Bible Convo we will begin a new series of reflections on the book of Numbers, starting with chapters 1-9. They aren’t the quickest and most lively of chapters, but Numbers has plenty to offer us in this season.

One thought on “Bible Convo (New Testament Letters Wrap Up) – 08/12/20

  1. Tom picks James as his choice for Most Interesting Author because James was a brother of Jesus. And Practical!
    Jen picks Spicy Jelly Beans as a snack because the Epistles are spicy and full of sweet goodness., with a tall cold glass of chocolate milk (some of us are not yet ready for solid food).


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